Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Breakfast Gang

It's too early.

I'd leave the car reluctantly, grabbing the free newspaper on my way in. The elderly guard was always the nicest. He'd smile in a nice, not-creepy way. We'd greet each other good morning and make occasional small talk.

I remember that bench where I used to sit, feeding mosquitoes as I waited. It's usually dark when I get there. The flicker of light in the hallway was dim but good enough for me to read.

Halfway through, this zombie-like figure would head my way. I'm not kidding, I should have video-tapped him. We'd usually end up at the Mamak stall, where friendly girl would eventually turn up to complete the breakfast gang version 1.0.

Eat, talk, drink, laugh... and before we knew it, it would be time to rush back for our first class. Dreaded early mornings were so much better with their company.

Over the years, the breakfast gang grew, evolved and sometimes even disappeared. It's been four years. That bench is gone. The old breakfast days are gone. But thankfully, the people have stayed.

Halfway across the globe, these people I grew to love will be receiving their scrolls. Smallhead, Pokok, Cicak, Cinderella, Abang besar, Vietnam, GOHgle, Poulina and the rest of our peers graduating tomorrow... happy graduation! Thank you for making college life so much fun. Here's to many more years of embracing new chapters and reminiscing the good old days together. 

I miss you people :'(

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